Our Infant Program guides your baby’s early experiences toward a lifelong love of learning.
Our teachers spend lots of time cuddling,and talking to your baby to instill trust.This will also provide a healthy early learning environment for movement, exploration,and communication.
As part of the Infant Program, we designed our classroom to help the child transition from Infant to Toddler. This allows our budding explorers to learn new vocabulary,and self-help skills.
All programs are customized to your child’s progress, needs and age.
Our teachers are always interacting with each child to encourage his/her mental and physical development. They will also introduce your child to our infant sign language program to learn simple words like milk, more, etc.
. Your child will learn to grasp toys, vocalize sounds, recognize pictures of familiar objects and acquire a variety of other skills.

Teachers work with each child in a series of stimulating activities that incorporate the natural routines of feeding and play. The teacher reinforces the babies’ development without disrupting their daily schedule.

Our goals:

  • A nurturing and secure environment with lots of tender loving care.
  • Communication though postures, gestures, facial expressions, laughs, words, phrase and other sound.
  • Physical awareness through leg exercises, head control and mobility, rolling over, creeping, crawling, pulling up and finally encouraging first step.
  • Explore new things and be drawn to objects with vivid color and interesting textures.
  • Social and emotional growth encouraging our infants to carefully observe and interact with the world around them.
  • Eye-hand coordination through sucking, grasping and object permanence.
  • An interest in others through smiling, bonding and social amusement.