Toddlers are experiencing the world in exciting new ways as they begin talking, walking, exploring on their own, and playing together.
Funtastic curriculum allows toddler to spend busy funfilled days engaged in activities that promote discovery and learning.

Objectives and Goals

  • Toddlers have many opportunities to physically explore their world inside the classroom and on the playground. They also begin more structured activities, such as learning centers and circle time.
  • Your toddler will begin learning concepts of color and size, and will build their vocabulary.
  • Your child will enjoy a host of hands on learning tools, such as dressing up, painting, block play, story time, puzzles, age appropriate toys, and group play.
  • Learning to share, to potty-training… and of course, discovering the answers to the favorite toddler question, “Why?”
  • Each classroom follows our school themes and then develops individualized lessons for the children in their class and begins to introduce more elements and experiences into their lessons. These children are also taught to use sign language and are encouraged to talk and sing to develop their verbal skills.
  • The Toddlers have music, sensory, fine motor, gross motor, language, and dramatic play activities daily.
    Daily sheets are sent home detailing each child’s activities, nap, and meals.
  • Our staff understands the challenges that toddlers face in a social learning setting, and have experience in helping them adjust to the give and take of the classroom environment.